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Letting Love Lead the Way

Consciousness is more then just being aware of the present moment

There are many layers to our consciousness. In fact I believe it is endless, what we can discover when we learn to tune in to our inner guidance system, what I call our inner creative mind. This part of our mind is connected to infinite information or infinite intelligence and has the birds eye view of our circumstances, not just with ourselves but with those we are interacting with and the world at large. To learn to interact with this aspect of self brings all sorts of wonderful answers, guidance, understanding and even healing. All information, sessions, classes and other offerings are set forth with the clear intention to assist in connecting more fully with their inner creative mind, their inner guidance system to foster personal and collective growth in the highest and best possible ways.

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Heather Solarie

Healing Arts


Conscious Evolution Education
fostering spiritual insight

and expanded awareness  through techniques that unify body, mind, heart and soul.

Discover the Miracle Mind Experience


Private & Group Sessions, Private & Group Retreats, Classes On Line & In Person.

Heather Solarie Teaching Hypnotherapy
Heather Solarie Teaching Hypnotherapy





  Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training.


About this unique educational experience...

The profound power of hypnosis unfolds by developing a harmonious synergy between the conscious mind and the vast potential of the subconscious mind.  The relatively new practice of hypnotherapy uses this miraculous dynamic of the mind in a therapeutic manner; helping a client guide their own powerful subconscious mind into new patterns that create ease and effectiveness at the conscious level transforming present life situations and relationships in profoundly wonderful ways.

Personal growth is the key factor in becoming an effective hypnotherapist.  One must learn to access and harness the abilities of their own higher mind to most effectively guide others in doing the same. At Maui Miracle Mind Hypnotherapy, each student is taken on a journey of personal discovery to develop their own conscious intuitive connection with the vast resources of their own sub-conscious mind. 

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Meet Heather Solarie LMT CCHT NLPP

Heather Solarie, has an outstanding reputation as a gifted and highly intuitive master hypnotherapy teacher. The depth and scope of her knowledge, and unique ability to communicate the subtle details of technique set her apart and create an unparalleled learning experience.

Come and Join Heather at the
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners 32nd Annual International Hypnotherapy Conference
In San Diego California April 11-13, where she will be presenting.



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