Maui Miracle Mind Child

Birth Preparation Classes


All of our courses are designed to deliver cutting edge Mind- Body Technologies based upon the latest in Hypno- therapeutic applications coupled with classic ancient wisdom teachings to provide an unparalleled learning experience.  


Maui Miracle Mind Child Birth Preparation Classes

Offering expectant moms the option to train in techniques that offer empowerment while creating mental, emotional and physical relaxation beyond the ordinary birthing experience with the added benefits research studies from around the world have shown are the result of hypnosis for childbirth, such as: 

  • Reduced length of labor. 

  • Reduced need for medication including pain medication.

  • Reduced interventions such as cesarean, forceps, and episiotomy. 

  • Reduced recovery time.

  • Calmer babies at birth that are more alert and have higher Apgar scores.

  • Easier breastfeeding.

  • Fewer cases of post-natal depression.


Dads can also train in the methods. 

Highly beneficial for relaxing moms during planned C-Sections.