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Did you know the act of visualizing your goals is actually based on neuroscience principles?

By creating a static image or even a mental movie in your mind, you’re activating a group of cells in your brain that reinforce that image AND the outcome you want to achieve.

This simple reinforcement instructs your non-conscious brain to develop a powerful “Habit Loop” that immediately goes to work in helping you achieve your goals. Adding Emotion to your image or mental movie amps up the frequency you are you are broad casting through your central nervous system and ultimately out to universe. 

What is NLP?

Neuro linguistic Programing or NLP for short is a modality that is based upon understanding our how each person internalizes their concepts of self, the world and their relationships.

It is based upon the idea that we can learn from how we relate to ourselves and every aspect of the world we live in. We can change the internal structure of this information at the cognitive level and establish more effective means of thinking, feeling and behaving.

It was created to assist with the development of states of excellence. The primary concept is that anyone can achieve excellence and develop higher levels of behavior and performance through simple exercises designed to upgrade internalized mental, emotional and physiological states.

NLP is often referred to as ‘waking hypnosis’ because it accesses light levels of trance most commonly ALPHA level brain wave activity and there is no formal hypnotic induction implemented in its use. 

Some top achievers who have used NLP:

Oprah Winfrey

Tony Robbins

President Obama 

J.K. Rowling

Richard Branson 

President Clinton 

Tony Blair

Tiger Woods 

Sylvester Stallone

Bill Gates

Lily Allen  

Andre Agassi

What is an NLP session like?

A typical NLP session starts with an interview to understand what it is you want and why you want it. Where you feel you currently are in relationship to your goal. After this goal had been clearly establish you will be guided through a specific series of exercises that are appropriate for your own particular needs. 

These exercises may come as a series of short techniques or one longer technique. Generally you will have your eyes closed to more fully achieve a connection with your inner awareness of yourself. You will be making discoveries about how you think and feel about yourself and others. You will use your discoveries and insights along with your creative imagination to enhance what is positively impacting you and to redirect what is negatively impacting you. 

Because your thoughts influence your emotions and your thoughts and emotions influence your behavior and your central nervous system functions you will be creating positive change on all levels mentally, emotionally, behaviorally and physically.

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