Affirmation Stones
Heather Solarie Conducting Hypnotherapy Session
Holding Hands

Private sessions are always customized to each individual or group. Heather has an intuitive gift that always seems to guide and direct what unfolds in the most wonderfully powerful ways. Her timing and directness combined with deep compassion and understanding make her quite dynamic. 

A private Session with Heather really gives you a chance to really get clear on what you want and why you want it. Taking your clarity of desire forward to creating a powerful focused intention that specifically aligns you with your goals.

When you experience a relaxed state of mind and are expertly guided to connect with the inner resources necessary to shift your own levels of awareness the result is positive change. Powerful positive change that will come to you easily and naturally.

The general emphasis is on fundamental shifts in awareness that elevate your perspective. As your awareness shifts you are able to find solutions, take steps and access universal life force energy in ways that were previously unavailable to you. When this happens your frequency shifts, your thoughts and feeling shift, your physical body shifts into greater levels of harmony and alignment with your goals. When this happens you feel good about where you are going, excited and motivated. When this happens forward momentum is accelerated and dreams and desires come into form.

Heather is currently offering private session in:

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