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What is it about?

The art and science of conscious connected breathing is an ancient one. It has been used through the centuries as a means of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical purification. Today this is still true but we also know it assists us in learning to deeply relax while naturally increasing our energy. It naturally brings awareness and insight from our deeper minds into our conscious awareness so we can easily take the steps necessary to move forward in our lives in specific areas that need attention or improvement as well as on the general level of wellbeing and improved satisfaction.


The breath is life force itself and connected breathing consciously calls on the powerful essence of vitality and healing energy that is inherently present within the breath. This force has been called Prana by the Hindus, Mana by the Hawaiians and the Holy Spirit by Christians with even the English word spirit coming from the from Latin word spiritus meaning "breath”. It is also said to be one of the oldest and purest forms of Kriya Yoga.


Connected Breathing is used to increase energy while simultaneously increasing relaxation. It is a wonderful way to learn to focus the mind and enter a meditative state or a trance state. When life force is increased the mind is purified, the emotions are soothed and the bodies vital functions are increased even the release of cellular memory can be achieved all while we come to understand our spiritual essence in new and wonderful ways. This brings about natural relief from many unwanted conditions with little effort. Since this increase of energy is occurring while the body is still, it is directed without dissipation to the areas it is most needed for the individual. Many people have experienced deep relief from fear, panic, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress as well as many other conditions.  Accelerated healing and the cleansing of the body, mind and emotions occur naturally during this process and bring a deeper alignment between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Greater levels of consciousness are a natural bi product of connected breathing. It is a wonderful way to eliminate unwanted conditions while gaining a deeper understanding of the self and naturally increasing vitality and aliveness.


Sacred Renewal Breath Sessions

Sacred Renewal Breath sessions are a wonderful way for you to get one on one instruction on proper breathing technique while also receiving expert guidance throughout the experience. It is not necessary that you have a specific issue you want to receive relief from as this process will assist you from exactly where you are no matter what your current condition. Gaining clarity of intent is a definite part of the process. If you have a issue you are wanting to address then specific techniques to assist you with your specific issue will be incorporated. Private breath sessions are a wonderful way to learn about the natural healing rhythm within your own breath and how you can utilize it on your own to assist you on a daily basis or as needed throughout your life.

It is recommended that you participate in a series of sessions as each session builds upon the last and can be very different in content. Mastering a variety of experiences while in the learning process with a guide that is sharing helpful techniques to maximize the effectiveness can provide you with skills and abilities that will positively enhance your life now and long into the future.


Sacred Renewal Breath Groups Public

Gain all the positive benefits of Sacred Renewal Breathing in a group setting. Each group creates a powerful dynamic of energy that is focused on healing. Personal intent as well as group intent are established so each participant can maximize the experience for their own individual needs. Privacy is respected and group sharing is always voluntary. Every group is different and guided techniques are incorporated to enhance and accelerate the process.


Sacred Renewal Breath Groups Private

A customized group experience is created to bring about greater cohesion and commonalty while working to eliminate pre existing conflict and problems. Perhaps your group is a collaborative or work team or even a group of friends or family needing some inspiration, support or reconciliation. Let a private group breathing experience serve to release the unwanted and emphasize the wanted bringing renewed energy and a shared focus and unification more fully into being for all involved. Participants are supported individually and collectively for the highest good of each and the highest good of the group.  


Sacred Renewal Couples Sessions

Experience the sacred power of the breath with a close friend, relative or lover. This is a deeply connecting experience which can serve to deepen and strengthen a flourishing relationship or to bring healing, reconnection and unity to a suffering or strained relationship. Each session is customized to serve the specific goals and desires of the couple. Participants are supported individually and collectively for the highest good of each and the highest good of the relationship.  

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