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Connected Breathing
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Connected Breathing

Life force energy also known here in Hawaii as Mana is present in the breath. In Polynesian culture, mana is a spiritual quality considered to have supernatural origin—a sacred impersonal force existing in the universe. Therefore, to have mana is to have influence and authority, and efficacy—the power to perform in a given situation.It is considered to be the creative force of the universe which can be used to manifest when gathered and utilized in a conscious way.

Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath and the sound when inhaling and exhaling fully. The Hawaiian word for family is ohana. o-ha-na, a family of breathers. Come join the Maui Miracle Breath group and become part of this family of breathers. 

We will be joining together to explore the personal and group benefits of breathing together in a conscious and connected way. Some of the benefits of conscious connected breathing are:

  • Natural painkiller

  • Improves blood flow

  • Increases energy level

  • Improves posture

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Stimulates lymphatic system

  • Improves digestion

  • Increases alkalinity in the body

  • Brings relaxation

  • Cleanses and activates healing in the mental body bringing peace of mind

  • Cleanses and activates healing in the emotional body bringing in higher frequency emotions

  • Cleanses and activates healing in the physical body bring greater levels of health and wellness

  • Connects the conscious mind with the sub conscious and super conscious mind

  • Facilitates altered states of consciousness

  • Gathers Mana or life force energy to be utilized in the creative process

  • Connects to higher spiritual awareness and source consciousness

  • Helps release the past and be more fully in the present moment

Connected Breathing Sessions 90 Minutes $150.00

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