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About this unique educational experience...
The profound power of hypnosis unfolds by developing a harmonious synergy between the conscious mind and the vast potential of the subconscious mind.  The relatively new practice of hypnotherapy uses this miraculous dynamic of the mind in a therapeutic manner; helping a client guide their own powerful subconscious mind into new patterns that create ease and effectiveness at the conscious level transforming present life situations and relationships in profoundly wonderful ways.
Personal growth is the key factor in becoming an effective hypnotherapist.  One must learn to access and harness the abilities of their own higher mind to most effectively guide others in doing the same. 
At Maui Miracle Mind Hypnotherapy, each student is taken on a journey of personal discovery to develop their own conscious intuitive connection with the vast resources of their own sub-conscious mind.  Starting with techniques of self-hypnosis, each student is lead into experiencing the deep learning available in carefully crafted trance states.  Through these powerful processes of introspection and self-discovery, the student accesses valuable information to create positive change and self-healing for themselves in ways that were never available to them previously.
Students share these personal experiences with their classmates, taking turns guiding one another into deeper and more profound insights.  In the "therapist" role, each student practices the therapeutic technique, gaining the confidence and smooth style that comes only through practice.  In the "client" role, each student experiences personally what their future clients will be experiencing from them - and the huge therapeutic insights and understandings that are possible.
The instructors move through a clear four step process when presenting each technique.  First, they elucidate the theory behind the structure of the technique.  Next, they demonstrate the technique to the entire class.  Then, the students pair off and take turns practicing the technique on one another.  Finally, the class reforms for a period of discussion and individual integration of the lessons just learned.
This path of self-discovery first, followed by practiced therapeutic assistance to others, is a time-proven approach to developing skilled practitioners in subtle art of hypnotherapy.
Curriculum Overview
The course curriculum is designed to meet the requirements for national certification set forth by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), the supervising agency we have chosen to be affiliated with.  There are currently two levels of certification provided in the field of hypnotherapy.  The entry level title is "Hypnotherapist" and the more advanced title is "Clinical Hypnotherapist".
All course modules are designed to provide 50 hours of instruction.  The first 40 hours are in the classroom.  The final 10 hours of each module are documented practice sessions conducted by the student outside of class.
Foundational Studies - "Hypnotherapist" Certification
  • 200 instructional hours
  • Four instructional modules of 50 hours each.
    • Level 1 - Trance Induction
    • Level 2 - Trance Communication
    • Level 3 - Parts Therapy
    • Level 4 - Regression Therapy
  • This instructional material is designed to enable each student to pass the required ACHE certification exam. Each level within the ‘Fundamental Studies’ portion of the training is designed to be taken consecutively with information from the previous level creating a solid platform for the easiest and fullest understanding and integration of subsequent information.
Advanced Studies - "Clinical Hypnotherapist" Certification
  • 100 additional instructional hours.
  • Two modules of 50 hours each, chosen from such elective courses as:
    • Medical Hypnotherapy for Accelerated Healing and Pain Control
    • Advanced Regression Therapy Techniques
    • Natal Regression Therapy
  • A partial list of additional possible electives and continuing education courses are listed in a later section
Foundational Studies - Curriculum Details
Hypnotherapy Level I – Trance Induction
This introductory module provides a grounding in the fundamentals of hypnotherapy - both in theory and practice.  It focuses on the techniques used to create a strong trance experience: first as part of a group, then through techniques of self-hypnotic introspection.  By quieting the conscious mind, each student learns to connect with their inner creative healing mind, sub conscious and superconscious minds, to release self-limiting beliefs and to craft more effective inner states to support new skills and abilities.
Once comfortable with the trance experience, the student learns to guide another person into a similar state using a variety of induction techniques, learning to match the technique to the personality of the client.  We explore in greater depth the conceptual framework of hypnosis and practice techniques for deepening and compounding the trance experience, establishing therapeutic rapport, the basics of positive suggestion therapy and how to smoothly terminate the trance experience.
Near the end of this module, the student will utilize their newly acquired skills to perform the basic elements of a complete hypnotherapy session with a client: pre-hypnosis interview, selection and delivery of an appropriate trance induction, effective deepening techniques, listening and rapport building skills, delivery of basic suggestion therapy, smooth trance termination and a basic post-hypnosis interview.
Hypnotherapy Level II – Trance Communication
In this second module, the student learns to deepen their accesses to their own sub-conscious wisdom, both through more group hypnosis sessions and through the further practice of additional self-hypnosis techniques.
These growing abilities are then applied to developing facility with the techniques of effective therapeutic communication with the sub-conscious mind of a person in a deep trance state: pacing, rapport, trance logic, therapeutic suggestion, hypnotic language, the use of metaphors, post-hypnotic suggestion and guided imagery. 
These techniques will be used to help clients connect with their higher mind and the deep inner guidance system it provides.  Basic NLP techniques will also be presented to help anchor insights and to explore effective core states.
By the completion of this level, each student will successfully preform a full suggestion therapy session.  This will include: a pre-trance interview; an appropriate induction; deepening and compounding; direct and indirect suggestions; usage of metaphor; visual, auditory and kinesthetic suggestions; post-hypnotic suggestion; anchoring; smooth trance termination; post-trance self-healing accelerators; and a post-hypnotic interview.
Hypnotherapy Level III – Parts Therapy
Intriguingly, the timeless quality of the sub-conscious mind tends to group influential experiences, ideas and emotions into clusters.  These clusters of related information sometimes become persistent semi-autonomous energy forms in the mind, sets of beliefs with either a positive or negative emotional tone.  These belief clusters, frequently outside of conscious awareness can have a powerful influence on a person's behavior. The energy from negatively oriented belief clusters can become influencial in the establishment and maintainance of unwelcome conditions: disease symptoms in the body, tendencies towards addictive behaviors, allergies, emotional triggers, self-limiting beliefs and complicated relationship dynamics.
Parts Therapy is a set of powerful techniques for identifying and accessing these energies, addressing the unmet needs from which they arose and crafting a synergistic solution for a happier life style; reducing negative energies and strengthening positive ones.  
By the completion of this module, the student will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their ability to perform all the steps of a complete hypnotherapy session with a focus on utilizing appropriate techniques from their Parts Therapy "tool kit".
Hypnotherapy Level IV – Regression Therapy
Regression therapy is a set of techniques developed to help clients deal with energetic belief clusters that are particularly intense or long-lived.  They enable the therapist to guide the client back to the earliest occurrences; to "regress" them back to forgotten times in memory when the energy cluster was developing.  By working with effective techniques at these critical points, wonderful and rapid change becomes possible for the client.
To ensure emotional safety, the emphasis is placed on "client-lead" regression techniques. By following the guidance of the client’s inner creative mind to the heart of the issue, rather than leading them, we ensure the clients inner guidance system directs their therapeutic experience, uncovering only those energies they are ready to process while staying focused on the central ideas being addressed.  Techniques for helping a client effectively reframe the negative interpretation of the experiences into a positive framework are covered in detail, ensuring the student leaves each client in a healthy place after each regression session.
Techniques for strengthening the inner force of past positive experiences is also covered.  Working creatively with positive energy clusters, clients can grow a broader foundation for joy and success in their lives
By the end of this module, each student will successfully preform a full regression therapy session including; a pre-hypnosis interview, induction, deepening, compounding, uncovering, emotional processing as necessary, amending, reeducating, suggestion therapy, trance termination, post-hypnosis interview, and post-trance self-healing accelerators.
Additional Topics Found in the Foundational Classes:
•    Conscious, Sub-conscious and Super-conscious mind functions
•    Altered States and Levels of Brain Wave Activity            
•    How to Effectively Influence the Autonomic Nervous System
•    How the Mind Effects the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Connects us to the Spiritual
•    Accelerated Healing Techniques for Cultivating Mental, Emotional and Physical Well Being
•    How Levels of Mind Effect Thinking, Emotions and Behavior
•    Self-Esteem Through Creative Consciousness
•    Hypnosis Induction Methods for All Personality Types and All Ages
•    Creating Your Own Hypnosis Recordings and Audio Files
•    Self-Hypnosis and How to Teach Self Hypnosis to Others
•    Accelerated Goal Attainment
•    Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization and Emotionalization 
•    Releasing Limiting Self-Thoughts to Accelerate Self Actualization
•    Energy Clearing and Grounding Methods
•    Body/Mind Dialoguing Methods
•    How to Enhance Positive Core Beliefs
•    How to Deactivated Negative Core Beliefs
•    Metaphor Therapy and the Language of the Subconscious Mind
•    Clearing Trauma
•    Cellular Memory
•    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
•    Anchoring and Creating Positive Resources
•    Working with Fears and Phobias
•    Behavior Modification
•    Ending Insomnia
•    Smoking Cessation
•    Weight Loss and Weight Control
•    Mastering Emotional Energy
•    Sports Performance
•    Scope of Practice and Referral Criteria
•    Building a Professional Hypnotherapy Practice
•    How to Process Emotions
•    The Central Nervous System and Brain Functions Correlation to Hypnotic States and Behavioral     Development
•    And more... 
Advanced Studies - Curriculum Details 
Medical Hypnotherapy for Accelerated Healing and Pain Control
More and more today there is a growing demand for simple and effective techniques to bring ourselves into alignment with the awesome ability that exist within our minds and bodies to align with greater states of health and wellness, comfort and ease. This class presents easy to follow techniques that will assist with just that, aligning with greater states of health and wellness, comfort and ease in the body.
Accelerated healing techniques and pain control techniques will be the focus. Surgery prep sessions and audios, in surgery audios, post-surgery sessions and audios, child birth prep, pain free child birth techniques, post-partum healing, dental prep and recovery, how to relieve pre-anticipatory anxiety and fear, pain control and reduction techniques, techniques for recovery form illness and injury. 
We will look at the fundamental principals at work in the anatomy and physiology of the body and how that interfaces with sub conscious and super conscious mind. What is the roll of the client in their own healing, what is the roll of the hypnotherapist and how to successfully interface with the medical community when necessary will all be covered.
Natal Regression Therapy
Here we explore the pre and perinatal time period including a brief glimpse at the inter life from the pre-natal perspective. This is a highly impacting time of learning. We will look at both the positive and negative effects this time period may have on the development of the personality. Emphasis will be on accentuating the positive and amending, reintegrating and re scripting where necessary. We will look at how to process spontaneous natal recall and or regressions and we will also learn techniques for specifically directed natal regressions.
This is a fascinating area of focus for hypnotherapy and delivers amazing results for clients. At the end of this week students will successfully preform a complete natal regression therapy session including pre-hypnosis interview, induction, deepening, compounding, natal exploration, processing, amending and re scripting including suggestion therapy, trance termination, post hypnotic interview and post trance healing accelerators.
Advanced Regression Therapy
This class takes regression therapy to a new level. We will go further in our regression therapy processing techniques by adding new ways to create integration and resolve the impact of the past. A deeper look at forgiveness and the application of more NLP techniques will be presented.
Past Life Regression Therapy
A fun and fascinating look into the world of past lives and parallel realities. We will look at the various types of karma and how they may or may not impact us. We will look at the universal laws governing cause and effect and the natural ordering of the universe. Everything you need to know to conduct a full past life therapy session will be covered including a glimpse into the inter life.
Past life therapy can assist people in many wonderful ways through greater insight and understanding into the Soul’s bigger picture which may impact all areas of our lives from physical, mental and emotional conditions to relationship issues on all levels including work relationships, familial relationships, love relationships and more.
At the end of this week students will perform a full past life regression therapy session including pre-hypnosis interview, induction, deepening, compounding, past life exploration, processing, amending and re scripting including suggestion therapy, trance termination, post hypnotic interview and post trance healing accelerators.
Additional Advanced Class Electives & Continuing Education Options
•    Advanced Suggestion Therapy 
•    Addiction and Impulse Control
•    Rapid Induction Techniques
•    Hypnotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Teens
•    Past Life Regression Therapy
•    Hypnotherapy for Relationship Issues
•    Core Belief Therapy for Accelerated Self Actualization
•    Group Past Life Regression Techniques
•    Crafting Behavioral "Super Powers"
•    Building a Professional Hypnotherapy Practice 
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