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Massage Therapy

is another ancient healing technique. Deeply relaxing to the mind and emotions as well as to the body. Massage increases the body’s ability to heal itself, increases circulation and cellular activity bringing renewed life force and vitality to compromised areas and throughout the whole system.

Receive the best bodywork ever! Whether you are just wanting to relax and let go of day to day stress or to treat a specific ailment or injury you will be so glad you received bodywork from Heather. Time and time again people report a major state change and wonderful relief. Many saying they received the best massage they have ever had.

The best massages from Heather are the ones she creates specifically for you based upon information you provide to her about your current physical, mental and emotional states combined with her powerful intuitive guidance to provide you with something far beyond what you may have previously experienced when receiving body work. 


Heather is offering the following modalities:



A Swedish massage that manipulates muscles through a variety of techniques that kneed lift and apply pressure to the soft tissue. It is designed to invigorate the body by stimulating circulation, releasing muscle tension, promoting muscle elasticity and promoting relaxation of specific muscles and an overall parasympathetic nervous sytem response. Swedish massage can vary in pressure from deep to medium to light depending upon the comfort level and specific needs and goals of the recipient. It can be customized to include the whole body or only certain areas and can also have specific areas of focus and specific goals.


Deep Tissue;

A deep tissue massage is a massage that uses pressure applied in specific ways to release and elongate the muscles. It generally is slow and like its name deep. It’s movements usually follows the muscles and may include trigger point work to assist in the releasing of contracted muscles.



Reflexology can be an entire session or can be included with another type of massage. It uses pressure applied to specific points on the hands or feet to stimulate specific glands and organs, muscles or bony structure. Reflexology can be used for overall stimulation and rejuevination of the entire body and or the relief of specific conditions.


Cranial Sacral;

Cranial Sacral is a gentle usually light touch treatment that works with the rhythm of the sacral spinal fluid to gently adjust the musculature and boney structure of the body while stimulating and opening the flow of energy through the spinal column and the entire nervous system as well as the meridian systems of the body. It is deeply relaxing and can create clarity on the mental and emotional levels as well as addressing specific ailments on the physiological level.


Pregnancy Massage;

Pregnancy Massage meets the specific needs of the expectant mother while offering her a quiet relaxing and rejuvenating retreat where she has an opportunity to feel deeply pampered and cared for during this special time.


Specific Injury Work;

Specific injury work is a specifically customized treatment that assist the individual in accelerating the healing process. It can incorporate various different techniques in a synergistic way that will most powerfully benefit the presenting symptoms of the client.


Sports Massage;

Sports massage is an invigorating massage designed to stimulate the musculature of the body to maintain a healthy balanced state of muscle tone so the athlete can more easily preform or recover from the performance of their sport. Sports massage can also incorporate many different modalities in a customized manner that addresses the specific needs of the client.


Lomi Lomi;

Lomi Lomi massage is an ancient Hawaiian massage technique that incorporates long sweeping movements over large areas of the body with the use of the elbows and forearms as well as the hands and fingers. It is rhythmical and flowing often like dance and can deliver deep, medium and light pressure throughout the massage depending on the specific needs and goals of the recipient. It is deeply relaxing and delivers all the many healing benefits of massage.

60 Minutes $100.00                          

90 Minutes $150.00

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